Idustrial floors

We would like to present an industrial flooring example.


Before After

The resin system stabilises the surface of cement floors and stairs. This prevents the development of washouts and abrasive dust. The system also creates a non-slip surface that is resistant to oil and many other liquids as well as car tire softeners due to cross-linking.

The coating creates a friendly appearance; seven colours are available to mark traffic routes, parking areas, work areas, etc. The resin system can be walked on after approximately 6 hours, and driven on with a forklift after approximately 12 hours. It is highly suitable for warehouses and factories as well storerooms that require a dust-free floor.

The seamless floor coating meets the strict requirements for food processing operations such as butcher's shops and bakeries, where hygiene regulations require constant rinsing with brine. The system is also perfect for garage floors since the coating is salt-resistant.


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