Flat roofs

We would like to present an example that illustrates the repair, renovation, and greening of flat roofs.

Before Processing After

Flat roof coating structure.

Flat roofs are a source of frequent problems.
Leaks can often be very difficult to locate. In most cases, the only solution is to completely reseal the roof, including critical locations such as wall connections, chimneys, and skylights.
The special feature of the resin system with the integrated fleece is the high degree of elasticity.

The elastic strain of resin and fleece is around 60 percent.
Therefore, the coating can flex with the movement of the roof structure and planking caused by temperature fluctuations.

As a result of these qualities, the coating is also extremely well suited for use on terraces. Since the coating is extremely elastic, it absorbs all forces to which it is exposed on a roof. This resin system is absolutely waterproof, yet permeable by water vapour which prevents the formation of bubbles often seen on foil roofs and with older roofing felt. Due to the following characteristics, the coating can be used with all common green roof systems:

  - Root-resistant
  - Not permeable by standig water
  - Durable seams and connections
  - Withstands some mechanical strain during gardening work
  - Resistant against chemical fertilisers

It is also highly tear-resistant and extremely elastic.


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